Brian Madar


Brian Madar, COO and Co-Founder, is a native Arkansan who grew up in the farming community of Des Arc, AR. Brian has over 30 years of working experience in Arkansas farming. Brian also spent 10 years in the Oil and Gas industry building multi-million-dollar companies from the ground up, but his heart is still in farming. Brian is a Certified Master Grower who began cultivating legal cannabis in Colorado in 2015.

Brian is an avid outdoorsman. He spends his time golfing, hunting, fishing, hiking and caring for the animals on his farm with his wife. Loni. Brian describes himself as a “big-hearted” individual and we at Tree of Life Seeds couldn’t agree more. Brian is known in his family for hosting large cookouts with tons of good, southern food.

Brian’s connection in the cannabis industry is personal and genuine. Brian’s son developed severe epileptic seizures and after years of treatment, 2 brain surgeries and over 30+ daily medications with little success, Brian and his wife turned to medical cannabis for help. His son has made drastic improvements and Brian is eager to bring the same healing to all patients searching for alternative medicine. Working in this industry, Brian has made the commitment to contribute his extensive farming knowledge and personal experience to those wanting to get in this industry.

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