CBD Dosing 101: How Much, How Often, When To Take

What Kind of CBD is Right for Me?

Whether you’re looking to combat paint points like muscle tension or soreness or to find a solution for managing day-to-day stress, CBD is an excellent option that may help you with therapeutic relief. That said, there are a plethora of options out there when it comes to CBD products: capsules, tinctures, topical balms and creams, and edibles are all practical choices. 

The best product for you will depend on the area of relief you’re hoping to target. For example, for physical pain in your joints or muscles, you should choose an option that allows you to directly address those spots – such a topical cream or balm. Alternatively, if you struggle with stress or anxiety, finding a CBD product that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine is best. Products like edibles or capsules are a good starting option.

What is a Good Beginning Dose of CBD?

Your body’s reaction to CBD will depend on a few different factors, such as:

  • How much you weigh and how quickly your metabolism works.
  • How strong your immune system is and your body’s chemistry.
  • Which conditions you’re looking to target with CBD.
  • The quality and concentration of your CBD product.

For those just starting out with CBD, make sure to follow the general rule: start low and go slow. Healthline writes that first-time users should “start with a small dosage of CBD and increase slowly until you reach your desired effect. Your ideal dosage of CBD depends on a lot of factors.”

The good news is that most CBD products (aside from tinctures) are pre-formulated based on the single-serving amount you should take. Capsules and edibles are both great options as there’s no guesswork involved – and they offer an easy and discrete on-the-go solution that you can easily add to your daily routine.

If you opt to use a CBD oil tincture, these will come with a dropper that’s designed to hold 1mL of liquid, making this an excellent option to measure out into something like a breakfast smoothie or your nighttime cup of tea.

How To Take CBD To Have Timely Impact

When you take CBD, you will likely feel a sense of relief within an hour. If you’re just starting with CBD products, seeing significant effects might take you two-to-four weeks, considering your body is likely not used to processing CBD. By taking small amounts of CBD multiple times a day throughout a prolonged amount of time, you become able to build up your body’s bioaccumulation to the cannabinoid. Thus, you can benefit from its effects in the long run. Studies have shown that microdosing CBD has been reported to provide consumers with lasting relief and improved focus, as well as help with symptoms of depression and anxiety. 

Why Choosing a Quality CBD Product Matters

 Quality CBD products should guarantee users who need pain relief a clean, THC-free product that you can take as an alternative to pharmaceuticals and opioid medications. Additionally, quality CBD products will not interfere with your busy lifestyle or slow you down – they’re designed to help you get things done.

Our commitment at Tree of Life Seeds is to a responsible product that works. From seed to sell, our mission is all about making sure that our customers are getting the best CBD products out there. We make sure of this at every step of the way:

  • All Tree of Life hemp is grown and harvested locally – never imported.
  • Our labels and Certificates of Analysis are made specifically for each product batch: so every test result will match specifically and completely.
  • We practice all-natural, organic farming and extraction, and all our hemp is grown in the United States, so there will never be heavy metals or other toxins present in our products.
  • All Tree of Life products are 100% THC free: if you’re someone required to undergo drug testing in your career, you’re able to use our products without any fear of THC ever showing up.  

At the end of the day, Tree of Life Seeds’ main priority is accessibility: those looking for pain relief, regardless of industry or lifestyle, can use our products and benefit from their effects. 

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