Hemp 101

Hemp is a plant with thousands of uses that were first utilized over 10,000 years ago. Hemp is a particular variety of the Cannabis Sativa L. species that is grown specifically for its derived products. Although all of its uses have likely not been identified yet, currently hemp is used in an assortment of commercial products ranging from building materials to food.


What is Hemp?

Hemp, also known as industrial hemp or agricultural hemp, is a renewable, recyclable, and reusable agricultural crop. Hemp is a fast growing, tall and dense crop that is environmentally friendly and perfect for rotation. Unlike many crops, it requires minimal water and pesticides. Water requirements are 14 times lower than cotton. Additionally, through a process called phytoremediation the hemp plant actually absorbs toxins and heavy metals from the soil. This makes Hemp great for farmers and our planet.

With thousands of uses from its stalk, seed and flower, hemp is one amazing plant! Hemp seeds contain oil, nut, and cake that can be extracted and used in health foods, supplements, medication, body products, cosmetics, fuel, industrial materials, and animal food. The stalks contain hurd and bast fiber, used to produce construction materials, bio-composites, carpet, clothing, paper, cardboard, and biofuel to name a few.

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