How Do I Help My Aging Parents Explore CBD?

CBD’s popularity is growing amongst millennials and younger crowds, but some of the older generations are still skeptical about the potential of CBD as a potential remedy for pain and stress. Often, our parents and grandparents actually end up being open to experiencing the beneficial results of new products – the trick is just getting them in the right mindset for discussing all of the possible options.

Convincing your parents to try CBD may seem like a daunting task at first (mainly because of the widespread misunderstandings about CBD being separate from the psychoactive counterpart, THC), but it’s certainly worth it. Introducing CBD to your parents in an informative and inviting way has the potential to help them address some of those chronic aches and pains that you might be hearing about day after day. 

How to Tell Your Family What CBD Is

Talking to your parents about CBD may seem stressful at first, but it doesn’t have to be – as long as you come informed and polite and approach them at a low-stress time of day, there’s no reason for them not to hear you out! Just be ready with your arsenal of knowledge to answer any questions they might lob your way. 

You’ll want to start by telling them the numerous potential benefits of CBD. Its anti-inflammatory properties and decreased stress are just a couple of the benefits that people have experienced and shared their insights on. As you talk to your family about CBD, make sure you answer all their questions and don’t come off as aggressive about the idea of them trying it. After all, you want them to be open to it rather than feel coerced into trying a product they might not have given serious thought up until now.

How To Show Your Family That CBD is Safe

 Beyond just telling your parents CBD is safe and sharing some well-researched resources, you’ll want to show them some of its specific applications and get some science involved to back it up. You know your parents best, so ask questions about their lifestyle and observe some of the other brands and remedies they might be using to target their pain points currently. For example:


  • Does my parent use melatonin to help get to sleep?

If that’s the case, directing your family members to a CBD product formulated explicitly for sleep-aid is an excellent step to showing them CBD’s capability for specific, targeted relief. 


  • Does my parent experience arthritis or joint pain?

For those expressing direct pain-related issues, a CBD-infused lotion or topical ointment is likely going to be the best option. 


  • Does my parent take daily vitamins?

Introducing CBD capsules to parents who are comfortable and already used to the idea of getting their daily dose of nutrients via vitamins is a great way of meeting them in the middle of something new and familiar.

Alternatively, some folks might be more open to the idea of only having CBD by way of occasional relief, in which case an edible option is a great idea. Chocolate is already a guilty pleasure for plenty of people (especially stressed-out parents!), so the added benefits can sweeten the deal even more.

Common Ailments Treated with CBD 

You’re likely already familiar with using CBD to help with general pain relief and stress reduction, but those are just the beginning of the treasure trove of potential benefits. Some other examples of issues that people have reported using CBD include:

  1. Alzheimers
  2. Arthritis 
  3. Diabetes 
  4. Fibromyalgia 
  5. Heart Disease 

These issues are just a few examples of issues commonly faced by aging people that have the potential to be addressed and possibly even mitigated by incorporating CBD into daily routines. If anyone in your family suffers from any of these or more general issues, CBD might be a new option that helps them to avoid opioid-based medications and instead manage their pain safely and naturally. For grandparents and parents who are just starting to experience some of the more frustrating signs of aging, CBD could be a logical step in combating those pains.

How to Ensure CBD is High-Quality for Your Family

If your parents are ready to try CBD, you should be able to help them when it comes to finding a reputable source – use this moment as an opportunity to show off your internet-savvy research skills! When shopping for CBD products online, make sure to turn to reputable companies that source only natural, heavy metal-free, pesticide-free CBD oil that can show proof of third-party lab testing. Always ensure that the products you’re recommending are backed by reviews from real customers: the most reputable CBD brands will showcase their client reviews for you to reference easily.



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