Muppet in Charge

Kind the dog is the Muppet in Charge at Tree of Life Seeds. He is responsible for CBD dog treat testing and morale-boosting. You will frequently find him giving his input on calls and meetings. He likes to roam the halls, pop into offices to provide feedback on ongoing programs and has been known to sleep on the job.

Like everyone at Tree of Life Seeds, Kind is an expert in his field and is always open to learning new things. In an effort to continue to stand out in his field, he has recently learned to sit and shake. In school, he joined Woof Drool Growl fraternity and majored in fluff with a minor in tail wagging. He continues to return to school in hopes of mastering fetch soon. He struggles with finding the ball when thrown but a big reason for that is his hair hanging down in his eyes obscuring his vision.

As a valuable member of the team, his opinion is sought on the introduction of new products. He is firmly in favor of adding chicken-flavored CBD oil drops to our product line. He came to Tree of Life Seeds on a mission to help pets everywhere. 

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