Meet Little Rock Women Stormers: TOLS Ambassadors

Tell us about yourself.
We are a non-profit women’s rugby team located here in Little Rock, Arkansas. We compete in the Texas Rugby Union Division 2, which has us on the road quite a bit, traveling to Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin every season. We train twice a week at our pitch, and hit the gym other days of the week. Little Rock Women’s Rugby is a tight knit community of women from all walks of life, taking the field together to battle it out against our opponents. Our seasoned veterans and rookies alike join together in the rugby sisterhood and camaraderie to showcase our violent elegance. These women are passionate and dedicated to growing the game and ourselves.

What does brand ambassadorship mean to you?
Rugby is a full contact sport, so we know pain. Your products relieve many of the aches and pains that consistently bombard our bodies as we take the field each week. As we travel city to city, we can’t wait to share what your product means to us, and our world-wide community of aging ruggers.

Give a snapshot of your community involvement by letting us know what activities you are involved with and are passionate about.
The Little Rock Stormer women are passionate about giving back to our community. We have participated in volunteer efforts for the 13.1 Little Rock race, Little Rock Marathon, Immerse Arkansas, Ozark Water Projects Shoe Drive, Pride events, and are actively pursuing other organization and volunteer opportunities. We believe in thinking global, and acting local.

Any additional info we should know about you?
Founded in 1976, Little Rock Women’s Rugby is a local club taking part in a global community. We foster a culture of teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline, and sportsmanship. You can catch us any given Tuesday and Thursday at “The Land” for practice, then Dugans washing down some cold brews. But Saturday…Saturday is a RUGBY Day! Join us!

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