Meet Team Wheel Deal: TOLS Ambassador

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Tell us about yourself.
We’re a group of friends who found a good way to hang out and be healthy through cycling then decided that we could use our time to help others as well. But mostly we like to ride around town and stop for drinks and snacks along the way. 

What does brand ambassadorship mean to you?
We like sharing things that work for us with other people. It’s not so much advertising as it is proselytizing. Preaching the good news of cycling, good coffee, charity organizations, or CBD oil! 

Please give us a snapshot of your community involvement by letting us know what activities you are involved with and are passionate about?
We regularly participate in events that help raise money and awareness for local, national, and global organizations! Everything from Keep Little Rock Beautiful to Heifer International gets our attention. Recycle Bikes for Kids is an especially great group who helps kids build their own bicycles then they get to keep them! So they not only receive a bicycle but learn how to work on and take care of it. And having a bike means having transportation. Having transportation means having opportunity. 

Please tell us any additional information we should know about you!
We’re really not fancy. We’re not pros by any means. And we didn’t all start by riding 150 miles in a weekend. Most of started by riding 10 miles a day for a couple days a week. So we try to tell people all the time that goals aren’t out of their reach, they just need some time to make their arms longer! 


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