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Here at Tree of Life Seeds, we are unbelievable proud of and grateful for the opportunity to build our brand in partnership with a network of dedicated Retail Partners who share our mission to make the world a better place through science, compassion, and the power of what we believe to be the world‘s best CBD products. Every day, thousands upon thousands of American citizens discover, for the first time, the benefits of incorporating high quality hemp-derived CBD into their daily routines.

The tidal wave of media coverage the CBD industry has recently enjoyed, unfortunately, is also coupled with the widespread dissemination of misinformation and proliferation of unethical business practices associated with an unregulated CBD market, making it even more challenging for consumers to make informed, confident choices at the cash register. We know we would not be where we are today without the unwavering support of our Retail Partners as they work to bring clarity to the CBD discussion.

Today, as an extension of our gratitude, we are proud to announce the first installation of our monthly Retailer Spotlight series. After all, we figure it’s about time we introduced you. Be sure to check back regularly for the latest news, updates and special offers our retailers have in store for you!

Q: How long has Nutrition World been in business?

A: I opened the store on September 15th, 1991 in Cabot, Arkansas. Soon thereafter, we found ourselves on an unexpected fast-track to expansion, relocating four times in eight years in order to meet the needs of our rapidly growing customer base. Thankfully, the fourth move was our last, and we have proudly called 1102 S. Pine St. #10 in Cabot “Home” since July, 1999.


Q: What inspired you to open a natural health food store?

A: I opened Nutrition World after my child came down ill and I discovered that herbal supplements and vitamins were more effective than pharmaceuticals as we fought for her to regain her health. I made the decision to make the “full switch” to an all-natural, nutrition-based approach toward wellness, and shortly thereafter, my daughter got well.  Twenty-seven years later, here I am, still preaching about natural health!


Q: What kinds of products do you carry at Nutrition World?

A: We keep a  inventory of natural health products with a wide variety of applications, taking great care to foster a personalized shopping experience for our customers through the regular introduction of new products to the store. Some of our best sellers include teas, proteins, herbs, herbal blends, vitamins, essential oils, homeopathic remedies, all-natural products for children, specialty foods, and weight management solutions.  CBD is one of our newest items at the store, and by far is our most popular! Tree of Life Seeds CBD products have helped so many of our customers  suffering from a broad range of conditions, finally find some relief.


Q: What first interested you in carrying CBD products?

A: I’ll be honest, I wish I could take full credit for discovering and bringing Tree of Life Seeds CBD products to Nutrition World, but the truth is our manager, Sarah, was the one who first opened my eyes. Sarah suffers from anxiety, and didn’t want to take prescription drugs during her pregnancy or, later, when breast feeding her child. She decided to try CBD as an alternative remedy and was pleased with her results. After that, we decided it was a no-brainer to offer CBD products to our customers.


Q: How did you first discover Tree of Life Seeds CBD products?

A: Your COO, Brian Madar, stopped by one day to talk to us about your CBD products and left us some samples. Sarah, being our resident CBD guru, tried your Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil Drops and was instantly sold on the quality of the product. Brian had hardly exited the building before we were calling him ready to place our first Tree of Life Seeds order!

Q: What has your experience been like selling our products, and how have your customers responded?

A: Tree of Life Seeds CBD products are now our #1 selling product at Nutrition World! So overall, the response have been overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic, with many repeat customers who come in to see me every month when they run out.

Q: What has your experience been like working with Brian and the rest of the Tree of Life Seeds team?

A: Each member of the Tree of Life Seeds team has been joy to work and do business with. My husband and I both attended the Tree of Life Seeds “Growing Industrial Hemp in Arkansas” Seminar in Little Rock this past February, and we learned so much – all those years of experience in the hemp and CBD industry have really paid off! Brian is so personable and fun to work with, we love it when he stops in to check on us! And best of all? We always receive our wholesale orders within 24 hours after placing them.  

Q: How can our customers, fans, and members of our Tree of Life Seeds Hemp CBD Community make sure they are receiving notifications about with the latest sales, discounts, and special offers happening each week at Nutrition World?

We primarily use Facebook and SMS Text Messaging to share news and updates with our fans and customers in real-time. Representatives from health food companies pay us visits regularly for product demos and educational events, which we also share to our Facebook page.

For the latest updates about product discounts and other special offers from Nutrition Worldfollow them on Facebook or visit their website at

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