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My King Charles Spaniel
Was having as many seizures as 11 or twelve a night and several in the day. I give her half a dropper in morning and half at night. She is free of seizures and even though she is 14she acts like a younger dog.

Oil drops 500 mg

Excellent product, I have been using since January. It has healed my sciatica

no pain

it helps me control the pain i have from a car wreck.

Have lower back pain due to collapsed spine. Very helpful in relieving a lot of the pain. Not totally, but enough to perform daily tasks. Will keep on taking.

Very good

I have used several and still am trying different c b s and this seem as good or better than any I have used

Very helpful

CBD Dog Chews

My little chihuahua loves his chews. He is 9 yrs old and he has a lot more spunk after starting these. He gets 1 daily. I definitely recommend!

Pain Pain Go Away

I've started getting infused tears on a regular basis with Tree of Life CBD drops and its life changing! Within minutes the pain I have in my hips and back disappears, no more neck muscle spasms. And for the 1st time in 5 years I feel like I can breath without pain!

Pain relief

Our 3 year English mastiff was having hip pain and was whimpering going up some stairs, after only 2days of the drops she hasn't whimpered since, totally believe in the drops.

Pain relief

I have been living with arthritis pain for some time now. The CBD pain cream works almost instantly and allows me to get to sleep comfortably. That is what I need and so I’m really pleased with this product.

So far it’s working great

Life Changing

I started this for joint pain from Ulcerative Colitis and it has actually not only done that but I haven’t had any issues with my Ulcerative Colitis either. I’ve been using this brand for nearly a year now. Because if it, I don’t deal with bloating, pain, or diarrhea on a regular basis anymore and even wore jeans for the first time in years. I also feel confident that I won’t be positive for THC on a random drug screen and therefore lose my job and license as a nurse practitioner!!

Oh La La!

I look forward to applying this cream to painful neck for pain relief. Relaxes tired tense muscles. Helps to rest.

Working for pain relief and helps insomnia !

Appreciate a good night sleep finally with pain management. Recommend it!


Awesome service-thank you and 5 ⭐️ Service. I bought the CBD Gummies for my granddaughter but she doesn’t like the taste (says they are hot/aftertaste) and therefore willnot take them (which is a huge $$ setback for me) 🙍🏼‍♀️🙎🏼‍♀️

A great nights sleep

Finally, something that relaxes me enough to fall asleep and stay asleep, yet when the alarm goes off I'm up and at em'. No fog or fuzzy headed feeling or feeling of being dragged down. Just a great nights sleep!
Also, I've been taking them instead of Xanax, prescribed by my doctor, for anxiety. It's amazing! Thanks TOLS!

Good Nights Sleep

CBD Rest is working well for me. I have been using Tylenol pm and this works better.

It’s great I rub it on before and after workouts especially helps with my knee!

Best Sleep in a long time

I was a little weary of the Sleepy gels. Melatonin by itself has never worked on me, but I thought, why not, I will give it a try! IT WORKED! No "hangover" from sleep aids in the morning! A++++

Pain cream that really works on arthritic pain even in cold and rainy weather!

I finally found a pain cream that relieves my joint pain in my hands and wrist even in cold and rainy weather. It’s nice to know you are relieving your pain with no harmful side effects!

very pleased

Normally I am not a fan of anything gummy, but I decided to give these a try - less noticeable than using a dropper in public!
I have been very pleased with the product - still not a gummy fan - however, I am very pleased with the quality of the product. I will be trying the drops from this vendor very soon.

Best ever!

I have been so pleased with this purchase! I have ordered from a number of other companies but this will be my go to from now on. I have tried biscuit type products and a number of liquid drop type products. I had been worn out with trying to "drop" 3 elderly dogs. All of my guys LOVE these chewies - no spitting them out, no arguing about taking them, no hiding them in peanut butter. I give two a day to my older two guys and split 1 between my older small two. The bottle of 50 doesn't last long at this rate. Oh - and no upset stomach or loose stools since changing to this brand. I have a JRT who will be 17 in April - he is acting like a new dog!! The Katrina rescue that has had weeping eyes for the past year - eyes are drying up. The other two getting a half dose - less anxious, not AS spazzed during storms. I am back online today to purchase more! I can't imagine that anyone would not be happy with this purchase.


I am so happy I found this it has helped me greatly I have suffered for many years with continuous pain it alleviates my pain sometimes I feel it a little but nothing like it was you people are wonderful and your product is awesome thank you

Getting a full nights sleep without harmful chemicals. I wake up feeling refreshed & No hangover feeling! That's definitely a plus for me! No worries of harmful side effects. It has helped me so much! Even with my back pains. I do wish it wasn't so expensive or the count of pills were more than 30. That's the reason I give a rating of 4 stars.

CBD Products Very Good

I find the gel caps (25mg) help a great deal with rest and sleep. The oil is also good and while I like the simplicity of the gel, I like being able to choose my amount with the drops. It doesn’t seem to help with pain as much as I’d like.