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  1. Kevin Waltermire (verified owner)

    I was out doing yardwork and was stung by two hornets right above my knee. Within minutes my leg was swollen and red. I used the balm on the sting area and within an hour the swelling went down and the redness subsided. By the next day it was completely gone. I was amazed at how well the balm worked and that I only needed to apply it once! I highly recommend this product.

    Unscented CBD Oil BalmUnscented CBD Oil Balm

  2. Cara Norris (verified owner)

    After the first few days of using the oils I felt a huge difference in my pain, and was able to stop OTC meds. I wanted to be sure I never ran out, so I signed up for the subscription. It is always shipped on time, and I usually receive it the following day. I Highly recommend the oils, so easy to add to smoothies or drop under your tongue.

    Natural CBD Oil Drops SubscriptionNatural CBD Oil Drops Subscription

  3. Jeff (verified owner)

    Before I started taking this CBD product, i was waking up throughout the night and sometimes waking up and not being able to go back to sleep. Since i’ve started taking CBD, I sleep through the night with zero disruptions and waking up feeling refreshed. There is no more waking up groggy or feeling like I didnt get any rest. Thank you Tree of Life Seeds!

    CBD Softgels CurcuminCBD Softgels Curcumin

  4. Jeff (verified owner)

    Before CBD I had problems with my back and joints. Since CBD I havent noticed back pain. I no longer take over the counter medicine such as ibuprofen. This product is a life changer. Thank you Tree of Life Seeds for such a great product!

    CBD Softgels CurcuminCBD Softgels Curcumin

  5. Carol West (verified owner)

    Great product! zHreat service!

    Peppermint CBD Oil DropsPeppermint CBD Oil Drops

  6. Kathryn Penner (verified owner)

    The CBD oil is working to make my husband’s body pain from fragile X syndrome (he’s a carrier) lighter. he’s been taking it a 1.5 weeks and can feel a difference! thank you!

    Lemon CBD Oil DropsLemon CBD Oil Drops

  7. Yvonne Stevens (verified owner)

    This product took the curb off of my pain while recovering from a recent surgery when pain medication was not an option. It also helps me relax when trying to get to sleep.

    CBD Softgels CurcuminCBD Softgels Curcumin

  8. Cara Norris (verified owner)

    I have given these treats to my 2 cats for several months now. They are getting older and slowing down, so I tried the treats to help their mood and relieve their aches. There has been quite a change in my cats these past few months. They have not only started playing more, but their stress and general nature has been much improved. Added bonus: their coats are So Soft, and one of my cats had a dandruff issue that has Gone Away! Fantastic product, and I have added this to my subscription so we can always have it on hand. Thanks Tree of Life Seeds, you are Amazing!!

    CBD Oil Pet ChewsCBD Oil Pet Chews

  9. Cara Norris (verified owner)

    I have been using these drops for about a month. In the first day I noticed a Significant decrease in my lower back pain. With continued use I have been able to stop taking my usual daily otc meds for back pain. These drops are easy to add to my morning smoothie, or dispense under my tounge later in the day if I feel aches and pains creeping on. Thank you for this Amazing product, and I am signing up for a subscription so I Never run out!

    Natural CBD Oil DropsNatural CBD Oil Drops

  10. Pauletta Littleton (verified owner)

    Since starting CBD oil , my Johnse no longer takes prescription meds from the veterinarian for pain. I am very pleased with the results

    CBD Oil Pet DropsCBD Oil Pet Drops

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