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Omnis CrossFit was founded with the goal of making health obtainable to everyone irrespective of age, gender or fitness level. At Omnis CrossFit, we think of health as a lifestyle and a choice–one we can achieve together. We are a CrossFit box, a health destination, a wellness hub. We’re all in, so you can be too.

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Q. Can you give us a brief history of Omnis Integrative Medicine and what inspired you to open shop?

A. I am one of the owners of Omnis CrossFit as well and that became a reality in 2015. When I got into CrossFit, I became a little obsessed (even more than I already was) with human mobility and how people can move more functionally. No just with CrossFit movements, but human movement in general. At that time, I dreamed about connecting my own clinic to the gym so that I could work back and forth with people and use the gym to teach proper mechanics not only to our members, but to my patients as well. We quickly outgrew our original CrossFit location and when we found our second location, the spot next to it was available. At that point I quit my other job at a different practice and opened my own shop.

Q. What first interested you in carrying CBD products?

A. I had heard about many people using CBD products for many different things. Reducing pain and inflammation was something I am always interested in because I work with an active community from CrossFitters to cyclist and marathon runners. From what I was hearing, CBD was the best thing on the market for recovery and injury inflammation with no side effects (most important to me).

Q. How did you first discover Tree of Life Seeds CBD products?

A. I had heard of the company from a friend who said Tree Seeds of Life Seeds is one of the best CBD companies getting off the ground and that their products were the best around. After some research, I discovered that I knew their CMO, Erin Holland, and knew that this was someone I could trust to supply high quality products to my patients as well as on a general business level.

Q. What has your experience been like selling our products?

A. First, my experience has been, well… easy! Most people are very curious about CBD. Initially I thought people might have their guard up about CBD, but I’ve discovered they love a product that can be so versatile in helping with so many different conditions and ailments, and still have no side effects! People are tired of the “sick model” of care. Prescription medications are getting out of hand. You take one medication and then have to take something else for the side effects of the first medication. CBD is finally something that people are willing to try. It is something with worlds to offer with no risks.

Q. How would you describe Omnis Integrative Medicine in three words?

A. “Patient Centered Care”

Q. What is the most popular product in our line with your customers?

A. Tree of Life Seeds Hemp Oil CBD Drops in 500mg CBD and Tree of Life Seeds Hemp Oil CBD Pain Cream—I couldn’t just pick one!

Q. What has your experience been like working with the Tree of Life Seeds team?

A. The experience has been great. You can tell the Tree of Life Seeds staff is very knowledgeable about the hemp and CBD industry, and they are always quick to answer (or find an answer) to any of our questions or our patient’s questions.

Q. How does Omnis Integrative Medicine go above and beyond for their customers?

A. At Omnis Integrative Medicine we go above and beyond by treating each patient as an individual. We are not a “cookie cutter” office. We provide chiropractic care, medical care through our nurse practitioner, massage therapy, rehab and more. People not only come to us for neck and back pain, but for all conditions of the musculoskeletal system. They know that we will take the time with each visit to

do what necessary to get them better. They also know that if there is something we may not be able to help with, we will quickly get them to the right place.

Q. How do you spend your free time?

A. I spend my free time in the outdoors or listening to music. I love to kayak and fish. I would be on a river bank at all times if it were possible.

Q. What inspires you most in life?

A. I gain my inspiration from my family and my Omnis family. My wife and kids motivate me to be the best I can be everyday, not only for them, but for myself as well. I want to show them through actions how to go through life as a hard worker and, more importantly, how to be an overall good, caring person for everyone in this world. My Omnis family (gym members and patients) inspire me daily. Without them, I could not do what I do. I do my best to provide them with the best coaching and care possible. They deserve nothing less.

Q. What do you like most about working in the health and wellness industry?

A. Honestly… working with people who actually want to do the things they need to do to get better. Most of the people I see are willing to put in the work for a long-term solution instead of a quick fix. That’s not an easy thing to do most of the time.

Q. Why do you feel it is important to sell products that are produced and manufactured here in Arkansas?

A. One is just that I am a firm believer in supporting local businesses. I am a local small business owner and know how hard it is. I also want to know the people I am buying products from, especially healthcare products, and where the products are coming from.

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