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At Tree of Life Seeds, we value honesty and transparency above all. We have a history of creating the best CBD products to help you live your best life. We pride ourselves on being transparent about every step in our process, and to offer you the best product on the market.

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Markets are constantly changing

CBD has busted onto the scene over the last year, causing prices to skyrocket while the industry struggles to keep up with demand. But over time, prices level out as suppliers can produce the number of goods desired. The downside to this rapid growth of the industry is an oversaturation of the market.

The excitement of legalized hemp and the allure of growing hemp sell has generated a supply of CBD products that has yet met the demand for it. Since hemp has become recognized as a legal agricultural commodity, there has been increased production of hemp, and more hemp has been farmed than is needed for the industry. Consequently, trade prices for hemp biomass have decreased, which can affect the pricing of hemp-based CBD products. Simply put, there are too many CBD products out there currently, and it can be hard for customers to find products that are high quality and from reliable companies.

What this means for you

We are always looking ahead for how we can improve the products we offer to you. In recent months, we have noticed the cost of producing CBD products is dropping. We could keep going as usual and chalk this up as extra profit, but we are choosing to pass these savings on to you. 

With that in mind, we have decided to lower our prices in keeping with market forces. We want to ensure you are getting the highest quality products for the fairest price. So we took the liberty of comparing our price per milligram of CBD to that of our top 6 competitors. By having control of our products from start to finish, we can bring you the best product at the best price.

Tree of Life Seeds 500mg Tincture

Price Per Milligram of CBD

$0.13 | mg

Top 6 Competitors 500mg Tincture

Price Per Milligram of CBD

$0.15 | mg

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