17 Helpful Facts To Help You With The Stress Of 4th of July

Do the holidays give you anxiety? No, not the “everyone is coming, house has to be perfect” kind we experience at Christmas. The “I know there are about to be loud explosions for most of the night, and I can’t control it or get away from it” kind. This is all too common. While we are not doctors and can’t tell you how to handle your anxiety, here are 17 helpful facts to help you feel less alone and help you cope with your stress.

  1. Pets can suffer anxiety from loud sounds too. Their reactions can vary as widely as human responses can.
  2. Pets may show signs by pacing, barking, hiding, or trembling.
  3. If the noise is troublesome, try noise-canceling headphones to help mitigate the experience.
  4. If your child has sound anxiety, make sure they have an item of comfort that they are familiar with to help them.
  5. Do you still want the experience of fireworks? Try watching from a distance.
  6. If you are staying at home, let your neighbors know that fireworks trigger your anxiety. A little conversation can make things a lot easier.
  7. If you are triggered by the flashing lights instead of (or in conjunction with) the sounds of fireworks, close all the blinds, close the curtains, or move to an interior room with no windows to limit your exposure.
  8. Build your self-care kit in advance. You know you better than anyone. Gather things that help you relax in one place and be prepared.
  9. Create a calming environment by having the radio or television on as a distraction.
  10. Try CBD. According to GoodRx, CBD may be beneficial in combatting the symptoms of anxiety.
  11. Allow for flexibility in your plans. It’s fine to stay home, celebrate early, or leave a celebration if you are feeling overwhelmed.
  12. Practice self-care, self-regulation, and grounding techniques to calm yourself and help you relax.
  13. Get out of the city and away from fireworks if you can.
  14. Talk to those around you. They care about you and want you to be comfortable.
  15. Remember this will end. It is very stressful and can feel like it will go on forever, but it won’t.
  16. Seek help. It never hurts to talk to a professional. In the era of telehealth, it’s easier than ever to seek the help you need.
  17. Finally, allow yourself to accept your reaction. Fireworks trigger millions of people; you are not alone. You are ok; this is temporary, you are safe.

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