A Fireside Chat with Tree of Life Seeds CEO Jason Martin

A pioneer in the CBD industry, Tree of Life Seeds has had a longstanding commitment to their customers: practice sustainable and organic farming to create a broad-spectrum product that works. With all of the options out there on the market today, understanding the difference – and value – in one CBD product over another can be a complicated and time-consuming process.

In this post, we sat down with Tree of Life Seeds CEO Jason Martin for a fireside chat to tell you about his journey to making Tree of Life Seeds the most reliable and effective CBD brand available.

Budding Beginnings

For Tree of Life Seeds CEO Jason Martin, breaking into the cannabis industry started with a passion for problem-solving. Both from a corporate background with experience primarily in business development, Jason and his co-founder Brian Madar had long consulted for many Fortune 500 companies to help them tackle challenges in unique ways.

When Jason and Brian first started researching the cannabis space back in 2011 – years before Tree of Life was founded in 2015 – they’d noticed a trend: in a rush to go to market in time for legalization, many companies took to cutting corners when it came to farming and manufacturing responsibly. Ultimately, this led to a compromise in overall CBD product quality. Challenged and inspired by the ever-evolving state of the industry, the founders started Tree of Life Seeds with one goal in mind: create an effective, high-quality CBD product without taking any shortcuts.

From Seed to Sell

The first challenge Jason and Brian noticed was that hemp harvesting, inherently, wasn’t easy – and few farmers wanted to take on the challenge. To address this, they had to go back to the beginning and work on creating a genetic that was a high CBD cultivar that could be grown and stabilized outdoors and on a large scale. The goal was to create a genetic in a seed with a high CBD percentage that traditionally trained farmers across the United States could harvest.

Since large-scale cannabis production was still in its early stages, large hemp extraction facilities were hard to find. Companies would rely on marijuana extractors to work with their biomass – facilities that specialized in extracting cannabinoids for oil bases in THC-focused tinctures and edibles. Put simply, the process as it existed wasn’t specialized for keeping up with the speed required for hemp harvesting or CBD extraction – nor was it scalable.

At this point, sustainability was top-of-mind, and the founders decided to take things a step further by fully taking advantage of the biomass created by hemp harvesting. Tree of Life Seeds would now also farm and cultivate their own hemp plants, owning the entirety of the process from planting to harvesting and extraction.

The Realization

Since the Tree of Life Seeds team was committed to ensuring all stages of their product were performed with quality, a realization struck. As CBD products became more widespread, so did products that were being made out of isolate: a method that removed all other cannabinoids present in the plant.

Because of this, many of the beneficial qualities present in cannabis plants were reduced, when in reality, only the THC cannabinoid (the psychoactive element in cannabis) needed to be removed. Topical CBD users were particularly affected: because of the reduced properties of the extract, the CBD oils they were using weren’t having much of an effect when it came to pain relief.

Jason explains that:

“While there is a tangible value in THC – even at the legal limits of 0.3% or less in a product – its presence makes the product’s accessibility limited. Those who are looking to avoid THC entirely still risk it showing up in their system. By focusing on removing the THC completely, we created a broad spectrum of oil instead of full-spectrum oil so that more people can take it.”

A Unique Solution

Today, all of Tree of Life Seeds products are no longer made with isolate, but rather through a unique THC extraction method that creates a broad-spectrum oil that’s still THC-free.

Scientifically, the process of nano-emulsification is what reduces the size of molecules: since the CBD molecule itself is large, it won’t penetrate the skin in its original form as it’s larger than our skin cells. Breaking that molecule down through nano-emulsification is what makes it able to target those problem areas in muscles or joints. And, throughout this process, Tree of Life Seeds relies only on natural and organic products: no synthetics are ever used.

By retaining other cannabinoids and terpene profiles, this method creates a finished product that’s far more capable of providing a topical pain relief solution that actually works – not just feels and smells nice.

The Tree of Life Seeds Difference

Our commitment to a responsible product that works is all about making sure that our customers are getting the best CBD products out there. We make sure of this at every step of the way:

  • All Tree of Life Seeds hemp is grown and harvested locally – never imported.
  • Our labels and Certificates of Analysis are made specifically for each product batch so that every test result will match specifically and completely.
  • We practice all-natural, organic farming, and extraction, so there will never be heavy metals or other toxins present in our products.
  • All Tree of Life Seeds products are 100% THC free: if you’re someone required to undergo drug testing in your career, you’re able to use our products without any fear of THC ever showing up.

At the end of the day, Tree of Life Seeds’ main priority is accessibility: those looking for pain relief, regardless of industry or lifestyle, can use our products and benefit from their effects.

“Tree of Life Seeds guarantees users who need pain relief with a clean, THC-free product that you can take as an alternative to pharmaceuticals and opioid medications. Our products don’t interfere with your busy lifestyle or slow you down – they’re designed to help you get things done.”


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