CBD and Fitness: A Match Made in Heaven!

CBD is famed for its relaxation-providing and pain-relieving benefits, but many don’t realize the full scope of its power as an effective athletic tool. Whether for pre-workout enhancement or post-workout recovery, many athletes – and even the more casual gym-goers – are starting to explore the benefits of CBD when it comes to their fitness. Introducing CBD into your wellness routine is a great way to boost performance, alleviate any pesky aches and pains, and maintain mental clarity and energy throughout the day.

Pre or Post-Game? CBD for Exercise

Yoga, weightlifting, or quarterbacking – no matter your fitness passion, if you’re thinking of upping your exercise game with CBD, the first thing to know is where to start. Figuring out whether you should use CBD for pre or post-workout supplements is a solid first step to introducing it to your fitness routine.

CBD as Pre-Workout

As a pre-workout supplement, CBD can act as an energy booster to give your workout the extra oomph you may find yourself lacking after a long day at work. On top of that, CBD lowers sensitivity to pain, acting as an anti-catabolic agent – meaning it slows down and prevents the breakdown of developed muscles. So, if you take CBD before your workout, it may help you push yourself beyond your perceived limits to see increases in your overall health and performance. You may feel lighter, happier, and more confident in your exercise routines – and yourself! – if you decide to take CBD as a pre-workout supplement.

CBD for Post-Workout

It’s no secret that the early bird gets the worm! Early risers tend to enjoy a workout first thing in the morning to get the day started feeling focused and robust. If you fall into that camp, we recommend finding a CBD product to use for after you’ve finished your morning practice or pilates class.

To complement its pre-workout benefits, CBD is used even more commonly for post-workout recovery: studies have shown it to potentially reduce inflammation, improve appetite, and decrease muscle soreness as it calms the body. If you choose this method, we recommend using a topical balm or cream to focus on specific areas and provide more targeted relief.

Current Athletes who Use CBD

It’s important to note that CBD for fitness isn’t just a theoretical – some professional athletes use CBD and openly endorse its benefits, and a myriad of products have made their way into many different sports and into the hands of many athletes. For example, former boxing champion Mike Tyson is a strong believer in the benefits of CBD!

Along with Tyson, several current and former NFL players have openly advocated for CBD use in wellness: Terrell Davis, Ricky Williams, and Derrick Morgan have all publicly endorsed – and have been avid supporters of the oil. Morgan is just one of the many athletes openly trying to get the NFL to change its policy towards medical cannabis and CBD.

On top of that, professional fitness trainers Caleb Marshall and Liz Letchford openly support the use of CBD for fitness routines and to handle their hectic daily schedules.

Adverse Effects of CBD?

Before you dive into using CBD in your fitness routine, it’s essential to understand the potential adverse effects that can happen as a result of using either too high a CBD dose or a poor-quality product.

While research on the adverse effects of CBD is still in the early stages, some studies suggest that taking too much CBD could lead to increased exhaustion, reduced appetite, and possibly gastrointestinal problems. It’s important to note, though, that all these issues were found in a clinical trial where the amount was being increased rapidly and once the dosage stabilized or decreased, the symptoms subsided.

Finding the Best CBD Routine

Just like any workout supplement, what works best for you will depend on your needs and goals for your overall health. If you find that you’re often groggy or experiencing pain during a workout, CBD might be more beneficial when taken as a way of preparation beforehand. If you find yourself especially soreness or feeling tired after a workout, CBD could aid in your recovery to help you bounce back and stay committed to your fitness regime.

Research is still in the early stages as to how CBD reacts with other supplements, so if you’re concerned about the negative effects of combining  CBD with other vitamins, minerals, or supplements that you take, make sure to consult your doctor before taking CBD for fitness.

CBD for fitness will be the next big trend for leading a happier and healthier lifestyle, as it can fit remarkably well into nearly any exercise routine!

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