CBD Microdosing: What Does it Mean and Why Does it Matter?

As the saying goes, new year – new you! When it comes to kicking off your resolutions on the right foot, going into 2020 with a commitment to your health and wellness is an excellent first step. With the new year just beginning, you may have aspirations to live healthier and happier in 2020. You may be wondering: where does CBD come into the equation? 

Incorporating CBD into your daily routine could be a positive step towards wellness. However, the thought of taking a hefty dose of CBD daily can understandably be off-putting for newcomers who have never tried CBD oil before.  

Luckily, there is still a way to reap the benefits of CBD through microdosing: a less well-known practice that involves taking several small doses of high-quality CBD throughout the day to get sustained benefits. In this blog, let’s talk about what microdosing means when it comes to CBD.

How to Microdose CBD Oil

Although microdosing can be accomplished with many different forms of CBD, it works best with high-quality CBD oils and tinctures that make it super convenient to measure the exact amount of CBD that you’re consuming. That said, edibles and beverages that are meant to be consumed whole are more difficult to divide into equal microdoses.

By using an accurately pre-measured CBD oil tincture, on the other hand, you can easily divide a daily quantity of 20-30mg of CBD into 4-6 smaller doses that you can take throughout the day. 

Microdosing for Preventative Measures and Direct Pain

By orally taking CBD in a single dose, the benefits are ususally felt for anywhere between two to four hours. So, as an example, CBD taken in the morning will have its effects wear off sometime in the early afternoon. That said, if you suffer from chronic pain, any effects of CBD will wear off before the day is over, leaving you with pain that ends up resurfacing later in the day. 

Microdosing allows you to feel the effects of CBD in a way that is spread throughout the day and provides lasting benefits and relief. Any physical pain, symptoms of depression and anxiety, or other daily health issues could be relieved steadily throughout the day instead of returning once the CBD has worn off. 

We’ll note that it’s important to note that effectiveness through microdosing CBD routines will vary depending on the person, so trial and error should be used to determine the proper amounts and timing for daily CBD intake along with consulting a physician. 

Does Time of Day Matter? 

Because the effectiveness of CBD decreases over time, the timing of dosage matters when CBD is consumed in a single daily dose. Some people may take it to help jump-start their day while others take CBD before bed to help with getting a more sound sleep throughout the night. 

With microdosing, however, the effects are consistent for more than just a few hours to ensure that CBD is being used to its maximum potential, as your body learns to maintain a consistent level of CBD that will regulate its effects over a more extended period. 

The timing of the dose matters less than it would take a single dose, but you’ll want to consume microdoses consistently to help your body derive the full benefits of each dose of CBD. Typically, every few hours is an excellent place to start.

Accumulation and Tolerance of CBD

Just like other products, your body can start to build up a tolerance to CBD when taken over a long period – this process is called bioaccumulation, which means it can take anywhere up to a few weeks to feel the full effects of a CBD product. With microdosing, however, the build-up of tolerance is reduced because your body learns to rely on less CBD at any given time. 

Newcomers to CBD oil may experience enhanced sensitivity when taking regular doses of CBD, but with microdosing, these sensitivities become less apparent in that your body is less overwhelmed by CBD entering the system. While it’s impossible to overdose on CBD, microdosing can help ease your body into the experience and ensure that you don’t build up a tolerance as quickly.

So, while studies on microdosing your CBD routines are still in their early stages, there’s no apparent downside to giving it a shot to see if it works better for you and your needs – whether it’s a search for pain relief or help with symptoms of stress and anxous feelings. Microdosing can ultimately provide long-lasting – rather than short term – benefits and ensure that the true effectiveness of CBD is sustained over time rather than fleeting.


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