This article first appeared on (Erika Ferrando | February 16, 2018).

CBD oil manufacturers are considering Arkansas as a potential place for hemp agriculture, although it hasn’t been declared legal yet.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) — As many are waiting for medical marijuana in the state, others have already been relying on another component of the plant, Cannabidiol or CBD, to help with some medical conditions. Meanwhile, some farmers hope they’ll get to produce CBD oil here.

CBD hemp oil is growing in popularity and now it’s making its way into more natural health stores, like the Green Corner Store. Unlike marijuana, it’s already legal here because all of the THC is taken out.

“Lots of people use it for a lot of different ailments,” said Jason Martin, CEO of Tree of Life Seeds. “Alzheimer’s, cancer, lots of things.”

The industrial hemp company produces CBD oil in six states and began importing their products to Arkansas a couple months ago.

“it has a lot of pain relief efforts in there. It brings down swelling, inflammation, which reduces pain,” Martin said…

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