How To Save Money On CBD But Still Get All The Benefits (Part 2)

Last week we discussed how to select the best CBD product for your needs. We covered what factors can impact the price, including broad-spectrum oil vs. CBD isolate, lab testing, and potency. This week we will discuss how to figure out the real cost of your CBD. Knowing this allows you to make your CBD purchases with confidence, knowing you have not overpaid for your goods.

Calculating Price

When searching for CBD on a budget, the easiest way to find a cost-effective product is to calculate the price per milligram of CBD. Cost per mg can show you just how much you are paying for each milligram. You can use this process for our products and other products you might encounter in stores or online.

To find the price per milligram of CBD, simply divide the overall price of the product by the number of milligrams in one container/bottle.

For example, using our 250 mg oil drop bottle, you would take the price of the bottle, $37.00, and divide it by 250. The equation would look like this:

$37.00/250 = 0.148 = $.15 per mg of CBD

If you were to calculate the price per mg for a 500 mg oil drop, the $65.00 price tag would be divided by 500.

$65.00/500= $.13 per mg

The price per mg for the 250 mg comes out to be $.15 per mg, while the price per mg for the 500 mg bottle is $.13.

For your convenience, here are price breakdowns for our ingestible products:

REST and Curcumin softgels- $100/750 mg = $.13 mg

Regular Strength softgels- $41.00/300 mg = $.14 mg

Extra Strength softgels- $92.00/750 mg = $.12 mg

CBD Pet Chews – $40.00/120 mg = $.33 mg

CBD Oil Pet Drops – $37.00/250 mg = $.15 mg

CBD Oil Fudge Bites (Dark & German Chocolate) – $16.00/60 = $.27 mg

CBD Oil Chocolate Bars (Dark & Super Omega) – $20.00/100 = $.20 mg

What Would Be A Cost-Effective Option from Tree of Life Seeds?

By looking at the price breakdown list above, a great cost-effective option for both you and your pets would be oil drops.

Softgels, chocolates, and pet chews are the convenient option because they come pre-dosed, but they aren’t always cheaper in the long run. For example, our pet chews contain 2 mg per chew, and you’ll pay $40.00 for a 120 mg bottle with each mg costing $.33. With our pet oil drops, one bottle is $37 for 250 mg with a full dropper serving of 10 mg. Each mg costs $.15. So what you really have to ask yourself is, are you looking for the convenience of a pre-dosed chew, or the money-saving option of an oil drop.

With oil drops, you do have to dose CBD oil using the dropper manually. For some, this is a drawback, especially if someone is looking for CBD on the go. But for others, especially those on higher doses or those looking to truly customize their dosage, it is an advantage.

“Oil drops allow for customizable dosages. You can decrease or increase the amount of oil you take at one time or the amount you give to your pet. Dosages can be spread throughout the day for continuous relief,” said Tree of Life Seeds CEO Jason Martin.

Our oil drop bottles contain a 1ml dropper with 1 oz of CBD oil. The 250 mg bottle has 10 mg per serving, while the 500 mg bottle contains 20 mg a serving. People looking to use it casually for general wellness might take 5 to 10 mg daily. Many people who take CBD for health issues will take around 20 mg a day.

If you were to take 20 mg daily, your wallet would benefit more from a 500 mg oil drop bottle compared to purchasing two 250 mg bottles. Like we showed in the price comparison section, a 500 mg costs $.13 mg, while a 250 mg bottle is $.15 per mg. In this case, purchasing a 500 mg bottle would be cheaper than two 250 mg bottles.

Oil drops also work faster, and are often stronger, than other ingestibles because of high bioavailability (the rate at which CBD absorbs into the blood). Capsules and edibles have lower absorption rates than oil drops because they have to pass through the digestive system to make it to the bloodstream, while oil drops are absorbed straight into the blood through tissue in the mouth.


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