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LOS ANGELES, June 22, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Following their successful March event, “Buds & Bosses” comes back to Los Angeles June 29th, 2019 with a cornucopia of health and beauty cannabis exhibitors, influencers, and speakers. This Saturday evening soiree is presented by Ali Ganji, president of Persepolis Brands (which recently acquired original underwriter Grassroots Brands) and the Lazarous Experience.

Doors open at 6 pm at this private event. VIP passes include gift bags; dinner, drinks and music will be served throughout the night. Forums include PTSD, Pain Management, and Cannabis Entrepreneurship. Tickets are still available at (

Coming at the end of LGBTQ (now LGBTQI plus) awareness month, Buds & Bosses will be celebrating the important connection between the Cannabis and the LGBTQ community (the LGBTQ community in California were the first main activists pushing for medicinal cannabis laws), as well as honoring PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome) awareness day (June 27th) by bringing together members of the veteran community.

Buds & Bosses co-founder, cannabis formulator, and patient advocate Mary Perdew, sees her passion project as part of the necessary evolution of cannabis in healthcare, “We’re here to make a statement in a positive peaceful manner. We’re here to empower patients with a platform to be heard and to bring them together with those who have the means to make that positive difference in their lives.”

Mary is a living example of such empowerment, having been able to better manage an often-crippling chronic migraine condition with medical cannabis. She wanted to help others navigate this often-difficult terrain, “Our event offers a safe haven for patients, health professionals, and first time users to learn, talk about their experiences, ask questions, get to know some quality brands and meet those fighting similar health battles. We invite members of the medical and business community to come in the hopes we can change some minds and some laws while were at it!”

Buds & Bosses will feature speakers and panels moderated by co-founder, educator and musician Hazel Rose. Forums include PTSD, Pain Management, and Cannabis Entrepreneurship. PTSD speakers include Dan Schmink, US Army combat veteran, while the CRPS Pain Management panel (focused on Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) includes such luminaries as Carly Goebel, Hannah Ragoff, Christine Perez, and Melissa Mentele (District 19 Vice Chair, South Dakota). CRPS website ( provided by Surge Digital Consultants.

The Cannabis Entrepreneur panel brings together such “inclusive” influencers as Tiffany Diamond (Diamond bites), Emley Catherine (Ultra Violet CBD), Sasha (Cool Nerd Wed Show), and Solange Nicole (Millennial Beaute) who commented, “We want to end gender roles, and create products that are effective for all skin types. We open DM’s from men in our CBD glitter mask everyday, and it makes our heart skip a beat!”

In addition to sumptuous food and beverages, attendees will get to sample carefully curated beauty and health products from a variety of vendors and sponsors to include Lulus, CBD Beauty Queen, Kush Wraps, Kong Wraps, Magnolia Jane, Millennial Beaute, LYLO, CRPS Bath Bombs, Pin Heads, Michele of Many Trades, Harry Om Hemp, Down the Rabbit Hole, Divine Dermalogix, Moon and Willow, Elk Grove CBD, Ultra Violet, Massage Movement, Pendy Co, CBD Alkaline Water, Tree of Life Seeds, and Golden Lion Prerolls. Music provided by Bubblewrappe. Public Relations provided by Essassin Target Marketing. NUGL ( an all-new technology-based multimedia platform that combines a cannabis search and business directory with social media and networking tools, will be holding live interviews, and shooting video content (all to be featured in the 3rd issue of NUGL Magazine).

About Buds & Bosses

Buds & Bosses, founded by Mary Perdew, Allison Molina, and Hazel Rose, advocates cannabis education and networking in a positive and peaceful manner by empowering patients with a platform to be heard and by getting the right people and quality brands in front of them. To learn more about Buds & Bosses please contact Mary Perdew at [email protected] or call (818) 331-9063.

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