Tree of Life Seeds Signs a Distribution Agreement with TheraCann USA Benchmark Corporation

Little Rock, AR – Tree of Life Seeds, Inc. and TheraCann USA Benchmark Corporation have entered into a mutually beneficial distribution agreement where TheraCann USA Benchmark Corporation is now a licensed distributor for all Tree of Life Seeds’ products and services.

President of TheraCann USA Benchmark Corporation, Richard Goodman, states his enthusiasm about working with Tree of Life Seeds. “The legal hemp and cannabis industries have finally evolved to the point where businesses are no longer struggling because they lack capital or qualified personnel—now they are simply lacking quality genetics. Tree of Life Seeds has scoured the earth to find strains with high CBD content that can be grown in diverse climates, making them the perfect partner to serve our worldwide needs. Their propriety strains have been hand selected to provide specific medical, industrial or consumable needs.”

Jason Martin, CEO of Tree of Life Seeds, expresses his excitement to partner with TheraCann and the growth opportunity this agreement offers Tree of Life Seeds because of TheraCann’s broad reach across the United States and globally. Mr. Martin states, “TheraCann’s leadership is seasoned with veterans that have years of industry experience. Agreements and partnerships like these will continue to drive the industry forward, while at the same time build brands that the industry and consumers can trust.” TheraCann’s leading knowledge in this industry and trusted name will be a strong alliance for Tree of Life Seeds to continue to grow, build and produce high quality genetic strains.

About Tree of Life Seeds
Founded in 2015, Tree of Life Seeds develops industry leading premium hemp genetics for industrial and medical growers. Genetics developed by Tree of Life Seeds are some of the highest CBD cultivars on the market with CBD as high as 25%. With globally recognized genetics such as their flagship hybrid, Cherry Wine, Tree of Life Seeds has an established reputation of developing premium CBD rich cultivars. Tree of Life Seeds has operations in Colorado and Arkansas. More information about Tree of Life Seeds can be found at or by emailing [email protected].

About Thera-Cann
TheraCann USA Benchmark Corporation is a duly incorporated company in Panama with its wholly owned United States subsidiary in Colorado and other subsidiaries in Canada, Australia and Germany. TheraCann is a leader in the cannabis industry with planning, designing, implementing, training and support of vertically integrated industrial cannabis cultivation, processing, packaging, quality assurance and secure facilities. They also provide fully functional, secure Web based Enterprise Relational Software Program (ERP), known as TheraCannSYSTEM, to manage onsite activities that include, but are not limited to: Customer Relational Management systems, a Vendor Management System, a Laboratory Information Management System, a Laboratory Instrument Maintenance & Repair Program, a Single Source Document File Management System as well as providing management of incoming/ outgoing telephone, SMS and email communications for cannabis production, processing and distribution sector. The company was formed using data collection and process optimization techniques in strict compliance with ISO 17025 (2005), Safe Quality Food standards, Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Kaizen and 5S methodologies. Their mission is to provide turnkey solutions that produce the highest quality cannabis products at the lowest possible cost.

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