Tree of Life Seeds Signs Broad Licensing Agreement with East Coast Genetics

Wallace, NC – Tree of Life Seeds, Inc. and East Coast Genetics, LLC. have entered into a mutually beneficial broad licensing agreement where East Coast Genetics is now a licensed distributor of Tree of Life Seed cultivars.

East Cost Genetics is a North Carolina based company that provides superior genetic hemp to East Coast states now participating in legal hemp programs. This group is determined to maintain a quality genetics library, provide premium mother plants for Spring Cloning, and meet the demand of North Carolina as well as new pilot programs in the Eastern States.

Justin Hamilton, CEO of East Coast Genetics, says that they are excited to be partnering with Tree of Life’s genetics team through the Broad Licensing Agreement for the Cherry Wine strain. Mr. Hamilton goes on to state that Tree of Life Seeds professionalism is a “breath of fresh air” in the industry, and that the team members are great genetic partners that deliver “reliable, high CBD variety but are also steady guides as the hemp industry changes and programs become nationally defined.”

Brian Madar, COO of Tree of Life Seeds, is eager to see the relationship with East Coast Genetics grow and really take off in the 2018 season. He commends Justin and his team for their knowledge of the industry and their enhanced breeding practices. He states that Justin’s involvement in bringing the Hemp Bill into fruition and brining noncertified seeds into North Carolina was instrumental and commendable.

East Coast Genetics will be servicing the East Coast with the Cherry Wine strain beginning this 2018 spring season.

About Tree of Life Seeds
Founded in 2015, Tree of Life Seeds develops industry leading premium hemp genetics for industrial and medical growers. Genetics developed by Tree of Life Seeds are some of the highest CBD cultivars on the market with CBD as high as 25%. With globally recognized genetics such as their flagship hybrid, Cherry Wine, Tree of Life Seeds has an established reputation of developing premium CBD rich cultivars. Tree of Life Seeds has operations in Colorado and Arkansas. More information about Tree of Life Seeds can be found at or by emailing [email protected].

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