CBD is Life: Tree of Life’s Unique CBD Ambassador Program

Here at Tree of Life Seeds, not only do we love our brand and its story, but we genuinely believe the best way to spread the word about our products comes organically. Engagement is everything to us – which is the main reason we launched our unique CBD is Life Program. In this post, we’ll dive into all the details about what the program aims to solve in the CBD marketing space, how to become part of the program, and what becoming a #CBDisLife ambassador truly means!

Why did we launch the CBD is Life Program?

In a recent press release, our CEO Jason Martin summarized our CBD is Life vision in a few words:

“With so many traditional marketing paths closed to CBD companies, CBDisLife provides a win-win opportunity for us and the CBD-consuming audience to share our message and get rewarded by doing so.”

Indeed, for CBD consumers and retailers alike, spreading the word about products can get quite tricky – we’ll dive into those details more in-depth below. For Tree of Life Seeds, we wanted to foremostly empower our community of customers by providing a fun and engaging online ecosystem. He continues:

“Even though we want to help educate consumers about cannabis products, we want to create an online community that is fun and interactive.”

Challenges to Marketing CBD Products

For social media gurus, influencers, and cannabis products alike, navigating all the rules surrounding online engagement can get confusing. Here are just a few of the challenges we all often face:

  • First and foremost, you can’t post ads on social media or Google! Many rising social media influencers come across this challenge when it’s already a bit too late – they’ll find themselves posting a shout-out or sponsored ad only to find their account taken down. This is because Google AdWords, along with other sites such as Facebook, has added cannabis to its prohibited content list, making it more difficult to share information about CBD products.
  • Laws remain confusing. While hemp-derived CBD products are legal in all fifty states, cannabis products that contain THC are still regulated differently across state lines. This leads to not only confusion in how to share and promote your favorite products online, but also around FDA regulations when it comes to talking about their effects. A little known fact: despite your personal experiences, the FDA actually bans any promotional medical claims surrounding CBD products (i.e. cure, treatment, or prevention of symptoms).
  • Consumer misconceptions and misinformation are on the rise – leading to the remaining stigma around CBD. This, in part, is due to how difficult it’s become to differentiate between all the products available on the market – consumers are often left confused about what options are the best fit for their lifestyle. Thus, despite CBD generally being a safe product, the stigma remains because of just how difficult it is to get the message across via virtual media and engagement.

With those three key challenges in mind, we’ve set out to create a transparent, fun, and interactive way to learn about and share experiences about CBD products via our CBDisLife Brand Ambassador program.

Who is a CBDisLife Ambassador?

If you’re passionate about CBD and social media, you’re the right person for this job! Social influencers who enjoy an active and creative lifestyle and value premium CBD brands are the perfect fit. If you’re excited about connecting CBD brands with your social community and helping educate the world about the countless benefits of CBD, this position is for you. Most importantly, we don’t care how many followers you have – whether it’s 5 or 500,000, if you’re willing to spread the word, we’d love to work with you.

What do CBDisLife Ambassadors do?

First and foremostly, our CBDisLife Ambassadors complete simple, interactive challenges online, such as liking our pages on Facebook and Instagram. We’ll also send you challenges to take photos of and review products, attend exclusive local events, and many more opportunities to engage with your followers in fun and creative ways!

When you engage with Tree of Life Seeds as a CBDisLife Ambassador, you gain points that you can use for all sorts of swag, product discounts, and even cash.

Now that you’re ready to sign up, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step onboarding process. If you’re more of a visual learner, you can also check out our YouTube video series that’ll easily break down the steps for you.

Setting up your CBDisLife Ambassador Profile

  1. Download the SocialLadder app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store.
  2. Log in to the app through Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and accept the terms and conditions. (You can go back and add more social media platforms later.)
  3. Tap the next button and enter the invite code “cbdislife”.
  4. Switch to “your area” in the list of options at the bottom of your screen.
  5. Add your contact information (name, phone number, and address, so that we can let you know about fun, location-specific challenges – and so we know where to send all the swag you’ll be earning!)
  6. Finally, accept the rules and enable notifications from SocialLadder so we can send you exclusive, time-sensitive challenges.

How-To Example: Facebook Challenge

As soon as you’ve set up your account and are ready to complete your first challenge, here’s an example of a challenge you’ll be completing to leave a review of Tree of Life Seeds on Facebook.

  1. In the row of buttons on the bottom of the app, click on challenges, and select the Facebook Review challenge to complete.
  2. Once the challenge pops up, click the link that sends you directly to our Facebook page to leave a recommendation.
  3. Write out your review and post it – remember to screenshot your post to verify you’ve completed the task.
  4. Finally, return to the app and submit the screenshot as a confirmation that you’ve completed the challenge through the app’s portal, and your points will appear automatically!

We can’t wait to welcome you to our CBDisLife team – learn more about the program here and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. We’ll see you at one of our local events soon!

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